How much will Senran Kagura Burst cost on eshop?


Poog: Yo! Vita TV is $38 on Amazon right now! Jul 6, 2015 14:08:36 GMT -5
TheAtom: I personally would prefer, if you wanna go with energetic hiphop, the group Onyx, or even stuff from Snowgoons (Snowgoons Dynasty's a good song), but any hiphop exposure should be a good one I guess XD Jul 6, 2015 14:08:42 GMT -5
sothamad: If only I had a confetti popper emoji thing... blast. Jul 6, 2015 14:11:41 GMT -5
[Vitz!]: 2 things sony should have done to save the Vita: Jul 6, 2015 16:47:12 GMT -5
[Vitz!]: 1 - Drop the damned prices of the extremely expensive memory cards or make them in a cheaper way (please, not the second, the load times will go to the roof). Jul 6, 2015 16:47:53 GMT -5
[Vitz!]: 2 - Make a PSVita 3000 that comes with internal memory of 8GB,16GB or 32GB. Jul 6, 2015 16:48:44 GMT -5
[Vitz!]: and on a side note: They could just bundle the damn console with PS4 as an optional thing! Jul 6, 2015 16:49:36 GMT -5
ChaddyFantome: The last thing wouldn't really have saved the vita though. Jul 6, 2015 19:37:53 GMT -5
ChaddyFantome: What the VITA needed was actual support and a library of dedicated games. Ultimately, They probably shouldn't have tried so hard to make a "console" on the go. I i'm gonna play a console, i'll play a console, lol. Jul 6, 2015 19:39:04 GMT -5
ChaddyFantome: The thing is just so expensive, my main gripe is def the memory cards tho Jul 6, 2015 19:39:51 GMT -5
[Vitz!]: Mine too. I'm already suffering because my memory card is only 8gb and I WILL need more. Jul 6, 2015 20:19:07 GMT -5
ChaddyFantome: Mine bugged out on me, so i can't get the new Digimon game that I basically got the console for , even though the miracle of it getting localised happened, since it is digital only q-q I need to call Sony about it, maybe I can get it replaced Jul 6, 2015 20:20:38 GMT -5
[Vitz!]: did you try formatting it? Jul 6, 2015 20:36:52 GMT -5
[Vitz!]: New remix! Jul 6, 2015 21:06:17 GMT -5
ChaddyFantome: billions of times Jul 6, 2015 21:49:09 GMT -5
ChaddyFantome: I ended up having to restart my SV save because of it Jul 6, 2015 21:49:36 GMT -5
ChaddyFantome: My games and stuff don't even work if I put it in the system anymore. I have to save on internal memory Jul 6, 2015 21:50:10 GMT -5
[Vitz!]: sad Jul 7, 2015 1:42:18 GMT -5
MrDak3000: COMING SOON Jul 7, 2015 6:46:30 GMT -5
sothamad: Oh my head... Has anyone heard of the insanity challenge? Jul 7, 2015 11:46:16 GMT -5