How much will Senran Kagura Burst cost on eshop?


dilbert: Knew it. Also I didn't know you were a Opera user Tiger Aug 29, 2014 17:27:52 GMT -5
solaris: I like Nintendo and all, but... they really need to release a new model, this fast? Aug 29, 2014 17:34:12 GMT -5
dilbert: True, but then again it does include extended battery... Aug 29, 2014 17:37:43 GMT -5
h2foxo: Sorry but not even senran kagura could make me buy a "new 3ds". Aug 29, 2014 18:13:40 GMT -5 *
Yomi: Only an Idolm@ster game with Nina Ichihara as a producible idol will ever get me to buy the 3DSn, it's a product of Iwata not following Japanese workplace norms, it's shameful that this is how he's trying to save himself from retirement or demotion. Aug 29, 2014 19:28:41 GMT -5
Tiger Festival: I'm kinda with all of you guys. Why couldn't they have done this for Wii U? The 3DS is doing pretty good, the Wii U needs ALOT more attention and focus. Yes I know they have been giving it more love lately,but it still needs more. Aug 29, 2014 20:33:47 GMT -5
dilbert: Aye, I agree with ya Tiger. Extended battery life and more buttons can wait. Focus on that Wii U for crying out loud, give it some goddamn attention Aug 29, 2014 21:22:02 GMT -5
Azure Mikasa: I smell people talking about me. I heard you guys like boobs... Aug 29, 2014 22:40:03 GMT -5 *
Poog: What can you give the wii u when it doesnt sell because it had a lack of games? You bring in the new stuff once your console is selling, which requires games to make it worth buying. Aug 30, 2014 0:38:01 GMT -5
Poog: Thats why they're pushing the 3DS. It has games to sell. Aug 30, 2014 0:38:17 GMT -5
Poog: Wii U doesnt sell much as is. Slapping on some new buttons or little extra features wont sell it. Games will. Aug 30, 2014 0:42:32 GMT -5
JayStarXD: well thats just annoying Aug 30, 2014 4:27:59 GMT -5
Mirai: Nina Ichihara is way too cute for my poor heart. I don't agree with the New 3DS, it's the Expansion Pack situation again. Would be worse if it was nWiiU though. Aug 30, 2014 4:45:21 GMT -5 *
sponge7325: Well, as long as there's that trade-in thing, I actually like the idea of a 'New 3DS'. As long it gets a good number of good games and stuff that woudln't work on a normal 3DS, at least. I'd be the only person to actually like a Senran Kagura on it. Aug 30, 2014 8:12:49 GMT -5
Tiger Festival: I feel that everyone who bought a 3DS before the NEW 3DS deserves it for free. The reason I mentioned Wii U is because I feel that system could've used an upgrade on hardware since 3rd parties keeps on saying it's anemic. But I do see now doing this little Aug 30, 2014 13:07:58 GMT -5
Tiger Festival: upgrade will hurt it even more. However I still stand that the NEW 3DS is a bad idea for Nintendo. The 3DS has an install base of 40 million why fragment that? The 40 million will likely be shafted in favor of games exclusive for the upgraded system. Aug 30, 2014 13:09:08 GMT -5
Tiger Festival: PPL would then lose faith in Nintendo much like they did with Sega. The 3DS has been around for only three years. It's still rather early. The original Gameboy released in 1989 the Gameboy Color wasn't released until 1998. Aug 30, 2014 13:12:20 GMT -5
Tiger Festival: Gameboy pocket was released in between, however gameboy pocket didn't have EXCLUSIVES. Gaemboy color was a successor to the original gameboy and gameboy pocket(which are almost the same) Aug 30, 2014 13:15:01 GMT -5
Tiger Festival: If Nintendo had the NEW 3DS released say about 4 years from now then it can be reasonable. But if you guys support it, go ahead I won't bash you for it, but I know Nintendo is going to confuse the shit out of ppl with this. Aug 30, 2014 13:16:18 GMT -5
JayStarXD: ninja flash on AT Aug 30, 2014 16:00:40 GMT -5